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Physical Medicine and Urgent Care

Did you know that the average time a doctor spends talking to you is 5 minutes? And the most common treatment is a pill.

At Action Medical Center we know we need to KNOW you BEFORE we can help you. From your first visit we are going to take the time to get to know about you

About your history and your current situation. This is critical to decide what options are best for you.

You will know source of pain and we'll treat the problem instead of mask the pain with pills.

Your best course of treatment, is in one location. No running to different offices and doctors.

Urgent Care, too!

Our medical, physical therapy and chiropractic team will work with you for the pain relief you need.*


We are your pain relief team!*


We also offer these additional services.  ***Webb   Below this line this kind of wasted space..we can put the list on the bottom if it helps site search

Urgent Care                             Nutritional Counseling

Trigger Point Injections           Sports physicals

Medication Refills                    Musculoskeletal complaints

Back pain                                Neck pain

Joint pain                                  Skin rashes

Fatigue / B12                        Blank

Fibromyalgia                              Blank

Medical Services

The medical staff do  initial screening and xray.  They coordinate MRI, lab or medication needs.  Back pain can be confused with urinary tract infections, so we assure that when you are here, you are in the right place.

We also  stay in communication with your family doctor or specialists, so all your doctors are on the same page.

They also provide Urgent is aviable for patients and their families.  Walk-ins welcome, too.



Urgent Care 

Saving you time! Keeping you safe!

Avoid doctors offices: Medication refills, routine lab, strep and covid tests.

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